Ingredients A Fish Stock
10 pcs Sardine / Kembong (cleaned)
500 ml water
Infredients B
100 gm shallots
200 gm reb onion
50 gm lengkuas (galangal)
1 nos bungah kantan (ginger flower)
1 stalk seria (lemon grass)
Ingredients C
2 tbsp cili boh (chili paste)
50 gm belacan (dried shrimp cake)
5 pieces assam keping (peeled tamarind)
150 gm assam jawa juice (tamarind juice)
2 stalk daun kesum/daun laksa (polygonum leaves)
500 ml water
to taste sugar / rock sugar
to taste salt / fish gravy

Condiments:- (optional)
1) cucumber (thinly cut)
2) small pineapple (cut into short strips)
3) red onion (sliced thinly)
4) local lettuce (thinly cut)
5) mint leaves (use only the leaves)

1) bungan kantan (finely chopped)
2) red chili(cut into small slices)
3) Heh Ko (Prawn Paste)


1) Bring ingredients A to boil in a stock pot until the fish is cooked. Strain the fish stock. Remove bones from the fish. Keep flesh aside.

2) Finely blend Ingredients B.